Stephen Key | Why look for a job when you can create one? (Episode 279)

Stephen Key | Why look for a job when you can create one? (Episode 279)

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Hosted by Jordan Harbinger and AJ Harbinger

Think you have to get on Shark Tank or drop hundreds of thousands of dollars to bring a great idea to life? Not so says our guest for 279.

Key joins us on The Art of Charm to talk about why the old way of patenting ideas no longer works (and why it never really did), and how you can capitalize on the virtually untapped network of great ideas and great products just waiting to be brought to market.

Stephen Key is The Guy when it comes to turning ideas into licensable products that generate thousands (if not millions) in passive income. He holds 13 patents and has licensed over 20 products in the last 30 years…some of which are still earning him money today. And the best part? He’s done all of this without investing hundreds of thousands of dollars on prototypes, patents, etc. He’s found a simpler, easier way: licensing.

The Cheat Sheet:
Why it’s not in a company’s best interests to steal your ideas.
How to beat “the big guys”.
What’s a sell sheet and why does it matter?
What are magic words that will open doors for you at any company?
How to get a company interested in your product – without ever selling

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