How to think creatively in business

How to think creatively in business

In many small businesses most of the thinking is done around creating a logical argument, figuring out the answer, eliminating the incorrect path and then focusing on the correct path. This is what we call critical thinking.

Not all thinking needs to be done in this way; there is another way of thinking and it’s called ! Creative thinking allows you to explore new ideas, create new possibilities and opportunities and look for answers; not just one correct answer but many potential answers. Critical thinking and creative thinking are actually both really important when you’re running a ; however, creative thinking often gets ignored as you’re bogged down in the daily grind of running and operating your business.

As Jonathan Packard says about William de Ora, “One thing I makes William unique is that he comes from a creative background; he was an Advertising Creative Director and that’s very different from being you know corporate person; let’s say a senior executive in a typical company. Creative directors think differently, coming up with ideas that no one else has come up with and looking at totally different ways of solving a problem.”

As a creative thinker William will first analyse the problem, but his approach is unique as he generates a number of solutions, not just one. There are always more solutions to a problem than the one that might be stuck in your head. This kind of thinking is really invaluable to small business owners like you. Creative thinking allows you to think outside of the box and instead of having just one road to take, you have the option of choosing from a number of roads, which will ultimately give you the best solution to implement. It’s all about thinking differently, and this is the exact approach that William takes — he pushes the boundaries.

Jonathan Packard also went on to say, “You state a business problem, a classic business solution and William will come up with something totally from the left field.” This is what makes William de Ora unique — he combines critical thinking with the all-important creative thinking process to get to a number of possible solutions. Without this type of thinking, how do you know if you’re actually heading down the right path?

If you’re stuck in a rut with your business and you can’t seem to find the solutions you need, get in touch with William de Ora who is great at both critical and creative thinking which ultimately will help you solve your business problems.
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