Jordan Eshpeter on the business of creativity

Jordan Eshpeter on the business of creativity

“My name is . I am the head of client engagement at Invoke Media here in Vancouver.

To the creative industry in particular, I would implore my fellow folks in this space to stand for something like any good brand that you would work for.

I think when it comes to pre-qualifying an opportunity or deciding which opportunities to go for, as a it is very tempting to jump at any passing opportunity. Especially from an economics standpoint or a cash flow standpoint or from a making payroll standpoint it is tempting to just jump at everything. But I think it is better for the agency, for the staff to bring in good work and for the agency to have that point of view. That sometimes means things will be a little lean and sometimes things will be a little bit plush but I think it is even better for cash flow over the long term to really stand for something and be picky and jump at opportunities deliberately and with a high degree of intensity.

When you want an opportunity and you identify one of three that you could bid on, you have only so much time, bandwidth and resources internally to meaningfully compete for work.

I think that point of view and those differentiators for the agency, those shared values across the staff, can really be a perfect guide and help you know which ones to go for and not to. When you pick one to go for, just absolutely commit to it and go for it. Then you will find yourself in the room or in a situation where you are in these very serendipitous relationships with clients that love the agency, they love the perspective of the agency, they feel very much at home from a values stand point.

When it comes to picking new business and opportunities, I think if you are having to scramble for new work, it is because you are not distinct enough or you are not that interesting and you are probably not committing well enough to the opportunities that you want.”

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