Improve Your Creativity Hypnosis from

Improve Your Creativity Hypnosis from

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This recording has been especially recorded by the professional hypnotherapist and musician Jon Rhodes. He has used both his areas of expertise to produce the ultimate hypnosis audio to help you become much more creative a person. His soothing voice and mellow music is guaranteed to relax you into a deep and comforting trance, calming both your body and mind.

This particular audio aims to enhance your powers of creativity. This is useful for writers, musicians, painters, marketers, indeed anyone who wishes to enhance their creative flow. It is well known that creativity is greatly enhanced when you have a relaxed and ‘quiet’ mind. This probably explains why Archimedes cried “eureka” when relaxing in the bath!

Hypnotherapy is great for relaxing the conscious mind, allowing the more powerful and creative subconscious mind to flow freely.

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