Dr Edward de Bono at Creative Innovation 2010 – “Re-thinking the future”

Dr Edward de Bono at Creative Innovation 2010 – “Re-thinking the future”


Dr de is regarded as the global leading authority in the field of and conceptual thinking. An MD, PHD and Rhodes Scholar, he has authored 72 books in 41 languages.

If questioned today, many people would say the biggest problem facing humanity is Climate Change. According to de Bono, this is not true. The biggest problem facing humanity is our poor thinking… The only bigger problem is that we don’t realise this.

The way our minds work today is simply to recognise and respond to patterns. As our education system was based in religion from the time of the renaissance, we have been taught to think in ways that would be useful to the church, ie. truth, logic and argument.

Watch the wonderfully entertaining Edward de Bono in his presentation at Creative to discover how you can add to your current way of thinking and increase your ability to design and create.

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“Thank you for a challenging and rewarding couple of days. The quality of the team you had at the conference was extraordinary! These events will change people and thereby the world.”
Craig Carolan, Director Private Wealth, ANZ Private Bank

“Remarkable, mind blowing, brilliantly choreographed – easily the best conference ever and I’ve been to plenty. Truly wonderful and amazing.”
Jim Grant, Partner, Dattner Grant

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