Critical Thinking at the qepCafe

Critical Thinking at the qepCafe

The website: OR

; provides stimulating (think coffee!!) self-study resources for learning about and experimenting with activities in various learning settings.

The critical thinking training consists of five modules/units. These include a module that provides an overview of critical thinking/intellectual development, followed by one module each for the tenets of critical thinking used at EKU: Explore, Evaluate, Expand and Express. Each module consists of at least four integrated instructional sessions that include activities for promoting critical and across the curriculum.

Resources and educational media supporting instruction in each module are included. Suggested readings, online links with ongoing annotations about various links (user submitted resources welcome) are included as well, along with recommended resources needed for completing each activity. Possible extensions of the activities are suggested. While examples from a sample course from technology are used for developing the activities in this training, we will be adding examples drawn from different disciplines for enabling the trainee to make stronger learning connections.

Both graphical and text-based organization of the training modules is provided so as to make navigation within this critical thinking training course easy to accomplish.

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