Converting an Idea into Reality | RONAK KUMAR SAMANTRAY | TEDxXIMB

Converting an Idea into Reality | RONAK KUMAR SAMANTRAY | TEDxXIMB

An in itself is nothing if not converted . Mr. speaks about his own journey of quitting Microsoft to co-found ‘NowFloats’, an innovative start-up and through this journey tells us about how ideas can be converted to reality.

Samantray is the co-founder of NowFloats, a start-up aiming to make the internet relevant for India’s innumerable small businesses. He worked as a senior software engineer at Microsoft for 3 years before started NowFloats along with three co-founders. NowFloats enables local businesses to get active online presence. It provides frictionless, mobile technology that connects online consumers to local offline businesses via latest content. Without access to the internet or even a computer, NowFloats helps business owners set up and update their own websites entirely by SMS. Currently, over 70,000 businesses use the platform to attract more local customers.
Ronak is also the co-inventor and chief adviser of Bolt, world’s first ‘smart’ mobile-phone charger for motor bikes. The “Bolt Experience” comprises of the Bolt Charger and Bolt Pocket + Bolt Riders app. He has also co-designed a ‘Speech Glove’ that has the capability to recognize finger gestures and convert them to speech.

This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at

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