How To Turn Your Passion Into A Business

How To Turn Your Passion Into A Business

People often ask me, “Brian why did you have to London Real a business? Couldn’t you just keep broadcasting and Keeping It Real”?

The answer is No.

For any great organisation to thrive and produce amazing results and change the world, it must be able to survive and support itself financially. This goes for any technology startup, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, and even the Catholic Church. They all must be sustainable to make an impact. Period.

London Real could never have been broadcast on television, held our 200 person Summit gathering, created a worldwide academy, produced incredible digital coursework, or attracted A-list celebrities without FIRST becoming a business.

When I meet what I call “tentative” entrepreneurs I always say “Stop overthinking it and letting your fear and misguided idealism stop you. Take charge, crush the resistance, and literally REDESIGN YOUR LIFESTYLE from the ground up. You owe it to yourself.”

The process of taking your and turning it into a business is actually less about building funnels and increasing conversions and more about overcoming your fears and building your self-esteem.

When I look at the 10 graduates of our first Business Accelerator Cohort I see completely different people than those who started our course. These people started out with fear, ignorance and doubt and graduated feeling strong, empowered and confident.

What happens when you turn your idea into a product is that you develop renewed confidence, passion and excitement about life in a way you haven’t felt for years. You now see yourself controlling your own destiny and are empowered in a way you never felt before. It’s liberating, invigorating, and life-changing.

I hope you join us on this incredible journey.

To your future!


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