The Art Of Creative Thinking

The Art Of Creative Thinking

The Art of is a book by Central Saint Martins tutor Rod Judkins that shows you how to improve every aspect of creativity. There are 89 different chapters that show you how to begin a project, solve creative blocks, breathe life into a project that’s gone stale and much more. Ultimately it shows you how to apply creative thinking to every aspect of your life and find a path through the forest where others flounder.

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Written and Illustrated by Rod Judkins

Edited by Louis Judkins:

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    Vanshraj Singh says:

    Hi Rod, A close friend gave me this book and it has been quite a radical thinking change that has been brough about, great video, I wish to connect to you for more creativising on concepts ideas and work as I am very inspired by your diretion of thought and wish to go further into the rabbit hole. _))

    Paul Borg says:

    The most direct and useful book on creative thinking I've read.

    Chloe Mekaeghla says:

    I'm so happy I bought this book. I needed this exact book in my life. I feel my mind really connects with your literature and views, through art and imagination.
    Thank you, Rod Judkins!

    Saffron Lee says:

    This book has honestly changed my perspective, thank you so much.

    Khoiruunisa RF says:

    Great way to deliver the message 🙂

    Manuela Menzi says:

    my favourite book!

    Litza Jansz says:

    Looking forward to your free 'Platform' talk at City Lit on 25th June 1.15 – 2.00  in room 124. All design enthusiasts from everywhere welcome

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