Scott Berkun: Creative Thinking Hacks

Scott Berkun: Creative Thinking Hacks

at CreativeMornings Seattle. Join the conversation and learn more at

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    Anuj Chawla says:

    Amazing ! Good Ideas

    Lamperson Lampy says:

    why do almost all artist, and designers have Goatees?

    Lamperson Lampy says:

    Scott Berkun most helpfull 45 minutes 😀

    Keshaw Gajadin says:

    This guy is so fucking underrated, this shit should go viral. Helped me a lot, amazing.

    Vladyslav Ralko says:

    Yeah, really interesting lecture) Good ideas to all!

    Rebekah Price says:

    This guy is brilliant!  Totally under appreciated, considering the number of likes and comments 🙂  Perhaps the target audience don't have a habit to press 'like' or to leave a comment.  Come on people, show some love 😀

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