Getting Unstuck – Best Creative Thinking Techniques

Getting Unstuck – Best Creative Thinking Techniques
If you are looking for the ways to getting unstuck then watch this video to learn the best and to get unstuck. Then sign up for a Launchkit for more in-depth blueprints.

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Hey there, so if you want to check out 10-foot fire-breathing dragon sculptures
and wearable electronics made by people like you and me, then you want to go
check out our good friends over at the Colorado Maker Hub So,
today’s question is an interesting one and that is, I am bottlenecked how do I
get unstuck? Well thanks Kyle for asking. Now, I could
provide you a ton of solutions, resources, tools for getting your product made and
for getting unstuck. But here’s actually what I want you to
do. I want you to take a step back and I want you to think about why you’re
bottlenecked, why you’re stuck. Now whether you’re Kyle who was talking about it in the
reference of, you know, trying to get this product made or you’re trying to market
or your way down the line and you’re just trying to solve a problem. Wherever
you’re bottlenecked, I want you to take a step back and I want you to ask yourself
at least seven times: why you are bottlenecked. What you’re going to figure
out is what you thought is your bottleneck is not it and when you dig
and dig and dig, why am I bottlenecked, why am I bottlenecked, why am I bottlenecked,
what’s causing that problem, what’s causing the problems that’s causing that
problem. I think the solution is going to become clear, but all too
often we jump into trying to find the solution, trying to find the resources,
trying to find a person that can help us, when we don’t even know why we’re stuck.
So, I don’t want you to worry Kyle about the solution yet. I actually want you to
figure out why your bottlenecked first, then the solution is going to become
clear. If you want to be a part of what we do here
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