Edward de Bono on creative thinking

Edward de Bono on creative thinking

de , renowned expert on , talks about creativity and about thinking outside the box. Be sure to check out more from Doctor de Bono and solve his three creative challenges at www.thinkoutsidethebox.se

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    nadiashireensiddiqi says:

    A mistake lateral thinking being different is creative. What's not creative about a triangular door? I've seen plenty of triangular doors. .

    DeathNoteLDesu says:

    Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm I smell bullshit.

    Charlie Riley says:

    spelling mistake in intro "Edvard" instead of "Edward". sorry haha

    Andrew K Fletcher says:

    What about plagiarism?

    Steven Saks says:

    Not True. Sharon Esther Lampert pioneered the "Ten Tools of Creativity."

    mac abre says:

    Well domain skills help creativity also, to be trained playing an instrument, or programming with java, you have some way of incorporating the creative problem solving process to get to your desired goal, be it a composition or a software application. However, do not fret. I say if you don't have the domain skills, still project your blue sky ideas, and you will have a much more powerful incentive to learn to play an instrument, or learn to program ( or network with someone who can) than merely for the sake of having those abilities already.

    inviscid43 says:

    Does anyone know what video/interview these snippets are from? I'd like to see the whole thing.

    Susana Grau Rahola says:

    Creative thinking is a skill. A creative idea must have value. To think (or to be) different is not creativity.

    People are reluctant to be creative because if an idea doesn't work, it seems a mistake.

    For lateral thinking provocation is important. We are in a certain box all (with our culture, values, etc). To think out of the box means escaping from this, change the rules and the constraints and create new ideas.

    Sara Salvador says:

    Sorry, anyone can tell me where has it been from? I mean, it's from a interview? where can i find it ? Thank you.

    Wancho Risin says:

    You do realise that the term lateral thinking was coined by this man. So this 'bandwagon' you speak of – he is the driver. Po be skeptical of a mans wisdom just because he intends to use his intelligence to figure out the workings of his own brain. Stay open to thought.

    inviscid43 says:

    Are these snippets excerpts from a longer video? If so, what's that video?

    Brian Morris says:

    I was brought up in an era that you were told, not asked, to do things in a certain way, and no other way….sadly the thought processes of conservative luddites…I wish we had de Bono literature in high school in the 60's….but I was fortunate to have discovered him while doing quality circle competions, lateral thinking made life and the thought processes of problem solving at the company I worked at…the Thinking Hat system was a brilliant process.

    Robert Parham says:

    i feel like this guy should teach at hogwarts

    Dan Toose says:

    He is an inventor – He has invented a means of breaking down thought process and making it accessible to others. People are creative on a day-to-day basis, but our society has been conditioned to only view a small subset of action as creative.

    Bill Longworth says:

    Have been a giant fan of deBonos for the last 40 years and sat in the first row when he delivered a lecture on lateral thinking in Toronto at that time. He was wearing a casio calculator watch which I have worn ever since. He designed a think tank (a 10 inch globe on which a handle spun random words into a plastic window in the globe) which I used regularly for problem solving in my administrative work.for years. Wish I had it now as an icon of his early work,. Bill Longworth, Oshawa, Canada

    Saint Sav says:

    I appreciate this video. As a person of indigenous descent, we have already developed and utilized this man's "innovative" ideas since time immemorial, which he is obviously rediscovering after some sort of "dark ages" phenomenon that stunted creative thinking in the Western or modern world. We call it the Circle of Life Teaching, similar to the six hats (six nations confederacy aka US constitution cept the US left out one circle, the circle of power, composed of those who the Elder women).

    INNER FIRE says:

    Yes! What do you think it means?

    Dr Charles Parker says:

    4.19 min does not do justice to either the complexity or clarity of de Bono's thinking. What can one say in 4 min that doesn't sound reductionistic? de Bono's main contribution: patterns of thinking that work, and how to apply those thinking patterns to everyday life. He translates complex brain activities into everyday conversations that can translate into useful, creative actions.

    Preston Dow says:

    that's a very limited way of defining creativity. would you not consider an author to be creative? an originator of a new school of thought?

    professionaltrading says:



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