The Creative Process (Five Stages)

The Creative Process (Five Stages)

Welcome to Episode 2 of The Life podcast. In this episode, I describe the classic of The Creative and how each stage works.

The Creative Process – Five Stages
0:44 – Preparation Stage
2:12 – Incubation Stage
3:24 – Insight Stage
4:36 – Evaluation Stage
6:48 – Elaboration Stage
7:54 – Recap of Five Stages

In this episode you’ll discover:

How the Creative Process works?
Five Stages of the Creative Process Model
The Preparation Stage – absorbing information
The Incubation Stage – letting subconsciousness do the work
The Insight Stage – Aha moment
The Evaluation Stage – is this an idea worth pursuing
The Elaboration Stage – 99% perspiration

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    Pabo Gauna says:

    Hey James, thanks for the video. i found it very usefull. Like some peaple say, some stages dont always apply for Design… I think its on us to mold the stages to our own cases.
    Thank you again, very usefull.

    Sarah Crookall says:

    Thank you for explaining and breaking down these stages. I really notice the impact of being in different environments and taking walkings to kind of spur insights. Glad I found this channel. Looking for more content about creativity and inspiration. Cheers!

    A Wam says:

    its a vision a gift i get from god nobody can see what i see because the vision is send to me

    mira diba says:

    What the differences between artstic process and creative process?

    Norris Evans says:

    James, would you consider as one of your stages:  Live life to its fullest and have fun — pl. see  Life is a natural process — creativity is a natural process relax and allow your insightful processes to happen  comments ….. Thank you

    codemiesterbeats says:

    geeze I have million dollar ideas all the time… gotta evaluate them and see which ones will work.

    aana aana says:

    very helpful

    hannah tinyep mobya says:

    Glad i watched this , very helpful!

    Alice Dexter says:

    This doesn't apply to graphic design. You don't have time to … "sit on it" :/

    Ragini Soni says:

    What about Idea germination as a step?

    Englizion | Learn English says:

    Very useful (Y) … Thank you very much

    Basma Alaujan says:

    Thank you dear.. I love it it was helpful.

    Zanetti VAPA says:

    Is it possible that the 5 stages are out of sequence at times? For example, could you go into the evaluation stage AFTER the elaboration stage?

    I'm trying to make this applicable to the classroom and it seems like evaluation is a part of the entire process!

    James Taylor says:

    The Creative Process – Five Stages #creativity  

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