How To Have Better Creative Thinking

How To Have Better Creative Thinking

This educational resource is a extremely helpful time-saver that will enable you to get good at get ideas and inspiration, writing a book, screenwriting. Watch our tutorial on How To Creative Thinking from one of Videojug’s professionals.

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    Jackie'O M says:

    I really want to learn how to be more creative! I feel like I lack creativity in my major(public relations). Tips

    flo ko says:

    that was the most non creative way of talking about creativity i have ever seen

    TheSoulTwins says:

    Very interesting – but surely many of Tony Busan's ideas are about being 'innovative' and not 'creative'. (ie; innovation is taking an existing idea or concept and improving it – creativity is coming up with a completely new idea or concept). In fact. his reference to 'association' (of thought) is purely innovative.
    I agree totally that we are all capable of being creative – the problem is (and as Sir Ken Robinson has passionately argued for many years) creativity is 'taught out of us'. But being innovative is possibly equally valuable and Busan seems to confuse both capabilities?

    Roderick McDonald says:

    No such thing as left brain and right brain in terms of creativity. Debunked.

    Entrepreneurship and Innovation Hub says:

    I learned quite bit from this video! Well done…


    How to be creativeStep 1:step 2:step….

    Brennen Moloney says:

    I think it's super cool how I already place value on speed of thought, association, seeing things from as many perspectives as possible, and overcoming the limited belief that "I'm not creative because I have a degree in math and am a logical thinker". This video really makes me feel like I'm on the right path.

    Dalibor Marić says:

    I want you all to take a second and visit this great facebook group, its still young, but step by step we will break the "BOX" standardised by modern society 😀

    Eric Anthony says:

    Im still not creative after watching this

    CDScissor Gaming and stuff. says:

    School drained all the creativity from me.Im a much more creative kid at 4 yrs old than now.

    i lovecars says:

    some say only crazy people become creative

    Happyhamburger//Majora, don't watch this. says:

    What's your favorite idea?

    Old Soul says:

    i feel so shitty rn

    Maxene Banzon says:

    I'm right dominant but I'm better than solving logical puzzles than being creative….

    Johnny English says:

    The left/right brain myth.

    BrockAnzie says:

    With the coat hanger what about abortions now that's creative

    Cissy Bara says:

    This guy has such a beautiful voice.

    mr Snuggles Gaming says:

    We have that chess set

    Kashif Iqbal says:

    Imagination is more important than knowledge. "Albert Einstein"

    Craig Haylett says:

    Tony Buzan!

    Muchacho Rytux says:

    im not creative… im an A.I. intelligence? xD

    AssassinGrudge says:

    when he asked : what u can do with coat hanger i thought about killing x') does this make me bad ?

    pagavathi Sattanathan says:

    very very use ful vedeo you must watch//////////to develope your thinking…………………………………………….

    Maddie B says:


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