Focus & Creativity – Creative Thinking, Visualisation & Problem Solving – Binaural Beats & Iso Tones

Focus & Creativity – Creative Thinking, Visualisation & Problem Solving – Binaural Beats & Iso Tones


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This audio, which can be used during work, study or meditation uses alternating sequences of Beta, Alpha and Theta waves to encourage fluid and abstract (Alpha & Theta), while at the same time maintaining a state of focus (Beta) for effective and high-level information processing.


For each one hour session, the frequencies cycle through three frequency bands in 5 minute increments….

Beta (12Hz) → Alpha (8-8.5hz) → Beta (13Hz) → Theta (7-7.5hz) → Beta (14hz) → Alpha (10hz) → Beta (14.5hz) → Theta (7-7.5hz) → Beta (15hz) → Alpha (10hz) → Beta (15.5hz) → Theta (7-7.5hz)

This quick interplay between beta and theta/alpha promotes a balance between concrete thought and creative abstraction. This way we can encourage and bring to light new insights, generate new & original ideas, contemplate a concept from various points of view, and problem solve holistically. The beta phases serve to not only promote focus and concentration, but to also analyse, organise and therefore make sense of the abstractions derived from the more non linear holistic mind states induced by Theta and Alpha.

In addition to using this audio during work or study, you can also use it in a rested state while meditating to assist with creative .


Select an annotation on the screen, or click one of the timestamps below.

Music & Isochronic – 00:00
Music & – 1:00:00
Pure Isochronic Tones – 2:00:00
Pure Binaural Beats – 3:00:00

▶How do I listen?

Headphones are recommended for best results. Listen at a quiet volume, or any level that you find non-intrusive. Listen during study or any task which requires focus and ‘out-of-the-box’ thinking. The addition of alpha and theta waves means that you can also use this session for creative visualisation, for which is a rested state is ideal.

Focus and Creativity Playlist:

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    PetiteSirène Hannaé-Elisabeth says:

    I just want to transmit some help, i don't know if it will work for everybody, because we don't have the same blockage, for some it's more blocked than others. But i just think that when our creativity is blocked, it's because "the path to our Soul" is blocked. To create, we have to be open to our Soul, because imagination is link to the spiritual and abstract world.
    So you could work on some chakras, ethereal energies point of your psychic body. Sometimes it may just be blocked :
    -You could open your creativity by working on the throat chakra, that is link to individual expression. Creativity is just your personnal expression.
    -The heart chakra may be important too, because it open you to the pure energy of love, self-esteem, and it create a great harmony in you.
    -The root chakra could help you to be more grounded to put your projects in materiality.
    -The sacral chakra is link to creativity.
    -And as i think that our imagination is link to our spiritual state/our Soul, you could work on your spiritual chakras, like third eyes chakra and the crown chakra.
    The key is to restore harmony in us, joy of living, to be happy and positive, and just BE in the present. To be positive, and to open to good energies.
    You may feel a little "in space", but you will connect to your soul and your imagination. The purpose is to break the blockages in your chakras, and let the light come in….Oh and don't forget, in creativity, there's two states. One for pure imagination, where you allow yourself to dream, and to imagine….It will give you key to unlock your inspiration. Just take some notes to not forget. And after, materialize it for real on the paper or else, write, draw, or create.
    And by connecting to yourself, it will maybe make you evacuate some bad feelings, energies, emotions that were trapped in you since a long time….So maybe to hear some relaxations sound, or chakras sound could provokes this, but to help you to heal and purify because if it stay in you, it consume you and block your creativity, but most of all WHO YOU REALLY ARE, what you really want, and your values, that have often nothing to do with this society, that imposes us stereoptyps and illusion, and decides for us what "Should be" and "what shouldn't"….The goal is to be unique, to create something, not to copy or to become popular, not to make "like", but something that will be unique to you, as much as you're unique and exceptional. So don't try to follow others or something that was already made before. Make something that correspond to you, even if it's strange, weird….Because it will connect you to your Soul, a place where nothing matters, except your personnal and individual expression.

    DON'T CREATE TO PLEASE TO THE MASSES, create because you will contributes to this world, as YOU ARE. It's the goal of creativity. I don't think that to create a content of quality, we should follow what people wait from you. No, it will be a creation based on false parameters, influenced by others, and not by yourself. It will produce quantities instead of qualities. Like some video buzz on internet.
    Don't follow what people wait or ask to you. Create something that CORRESPOND to you, and people will follow you, even if it's not by millions. But its better to have followers that really understand and like what your are, instead of millions of people that like a false version of you. Stay true to yourself. For me what's the most popular in this world, in this society is often things that are based on our low instincts, like easy sexuality, power, money, stereoptyps…Instead to elevates our Soul.

    Free yourself from the models brings by society, like personnalities/celebrities, series, tv show…..
    Tolkien is the best example, because he created something based on authenticity, connected to nature…With no hypersexualisation, with no superficiality, but with his heart and soul, and connected to the spiritual essence of all things, (something that modernity make us forget more and more). HE created something that will last through time….That was not common, but it's for that that it have work.

    Also create your own little space. Just take some tea, open the window to hear the nature, or find some nature sound (forests, birds , countryside , ocean…) on youtube or even relaxation sound….Celtic harp, cello help me to create and write too.

    PetiteSirène Hannaé-Elisabeth says:

    I'm blocked in my creativity :'( Actually trying to write a story, a little fantasy, magical, and spiritual at the same time, with some illustrations/Drawings i should make and some poems too. So i thank you for this help you give to us

    Sandy Bouvier-Ingram says:

    What frequency is this?

    Eponine Reads says:

    If my novel gets published I will mention you in my acknowledgements.

    Mike Cloudly says:

    Hey can you create one for longer arms . There is not any video on whole internet about that .

    Cris Jones says:

    Gave me nightmares! 🙁

    instrumental creativity says:

    anybody else imagining Hogwarts?

    Jernej Oblak says:

    Is this permanent? or does it work like so only when you listen to it you're more focused? pls answer…

    Maylie Rosewater says:

    2:00:00 + in love with a ghost = perfect mood for drawing

    Hanie Ho says:

    Thank you for sharing

    lhara scarlet3 says:

    i cant study anymoreeeeeee….mah braiiiin

    esther carneiro amaral says:

    Tem um grupo do whatsapp sobre binaural?

    Xavier Preciado says:

    Just realized, these look like Infinity stones.

    Fernandez Mingaz says:

    After trying a few other programs and not getting anywhere I stumbled upon your Destiny Tuning and – I like it! By following the first 3 weeks I regained the self discipline and daily routine (and decluttered my living space 🙂 Also I am listening frequently to a few of my favorite mp3's from your program  [ Check Details here === ]. Thank you, Heather, and God Bless!

    Michael Khoury says:

    People come here to increase focus and ultimately create… Yet, I'm constantly trying to prevent myself from scrolling down and reading the comments! It's the addiction to connect with other people and hear/read their opinions. I love it.

    Nasser Dawson says:

    I thought this was a picture of the Infinity Stones from the Marvel Universe. With the power of the stones, I would never miss another question on an exam!

    Lara-Anne Derbyshire says:

    Hi there, are these available on i-tunes for download?
    Thank you – they are great!

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