Creativity & Focus – Creative Thinking and Problem Solving for Study – Binaural Beats & Iso Tones

Creativity & Focus – Creative Thinking and Problem Solving for Study – Binaural Beats & Iso Tones


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This study aid is a variant of the previous ‘Focus & Creativity’ audio and can be used for work, study, meditation and creative visualisation. Alternating sequences of Beta, Alpha and Theta waves are used to encourage fluid and abstract creative thinking (Alpha & Theta phases), while at the same time maintaining a state of focus and alertness (Beta) for effective problem solving and high level information processing.


Each session lasts one hour – the frequencies cycle through the following bands every 5 minutes.

Beta (12Hz) → Alpha (8-8.5hz) → Beta (13Hz) → Theta (7-7.5hz) → Beta (14hz) → Alpha (10hz) → Beta (14.5hz) → Theta (7-7.5hz) → Beta (15hz) → Alpha (10hz) → Beta (15.5hz) → Theta (7-7.5hz)

By alternating between beta and theta/alpha, we can promote a fine balance between concrete, intellectual thought and fluid mind states which encourage creative abstraction. Using this method of brainwave entrainment, we can generate new & original ideas, contemplate a concept from various points of view, and problem solve holistically. The beta phases scattered throughout serve to not only promote focus and concentration, but to also objectively analyse and organise the ideas derived from the non linear, holistic mind states induced by Theta and Alpha.

In addition to using this audio during work or study, it can also be used for meditation or creative visualisation.


Select one of the buttons on screen, or alternatively one of the timestamps below.

Music & Isochronic – 00:00
Music & – 1:00:00
Pure Isochronic Tones – 2:00:00
Pure Binaural Beats – 3:00:00

▶How do I listen?

Headphones are recommended for best results. Listen at a quiet volume, or a level that you find comfortable and non-intrusive. Listen during study or any task which requires focus and ‘out-of-the-box’ thinking. The addition of alpha and theta waves means that you can also use this session for creative visualisation, for which is a rested state is ideal.

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    Paradise Rock says:

    Thank you, I definately needed something to soothe a busy mind. 😉

    Heredity says:

    what's the difference between isochronic and binaural in the sense of effects?

    Vincent Vu says:

    I give you the Guinness world record for: Longest youtube username

    CoCo Aemi says:

    Nice sound for light meditation

    CFC Jatimpark says:

    thank u so much from the deepest heart

    Jim Vick says:

    Very cool. I really appreciate you guys.

    raquel w says:

    Thaaaank you!

    Zulfikri Abdul Latib says:

    Listen while learning and reading.

    Jeanna Clever says:

    high pitches hurt ears

    Relaxing Vibes says:

    those option buttons are great

    A Hercegovac says:

    it works for me thank you. if you would add more Delta and water running effect would be the bomb because when you add more Delta you go to low to high and that's when brain works the best so you go Delta to Gama

    Robert Alexander says:

    i enjoy the sounds, but do they really work? or is just a mental thing??

    AwaWorldArt says:

    Thank you!!!🙌🙌🙌🙏🙏💞💞💞🐢💜💜🐢🐢🐢

    John Cummings says:

    Make one with the iso and binaural combined with music! Thanks! Much appreciation

    Neueregel says:

    Is this beat repeating at some point? Thanks !

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